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Let’s Change The World

DECA Ventures provides funding, leadership and relationships to

entrepreneurs with bold and inspiring ideas to change the world.


Who We Are

DECA Ventures is an investment, incubation and acceleration group organized by Darren Hardy and comprised of ten extremely successful C-level executives and veteran entrepreneurs highly skilled in the building, development and accelerating high-impact, high-growth and high-performing companies.

Who We Look For

We are looking for brilliant, unusually driven entrepreneurs pursuing audacious visions to tackle global challenges, transform communities or revolutionize an industry and are willing to back it up with courageous, consistent and obsessive action.
Our Core Values: Impact. Growth. Excellence.


What We Believe

We believe an entrepreneur with a bold vision, relentless drive and intense determination, partnered with seasoned experience, capital and key relationships can accomplish the seemingly impossible and make a big impact.

What We Provide

DECA Venture partners get involved operationally, contribute management leadership, access key relationships and provide experienced mentorship to accelerate the company and ensure its success.


We are looking for ambitious entrepreneurs with big ideas that we can help make a big impact.

Complete the application ONLY if:

  1. 1. You believe you have an industry or community game-changing product.
  2. 2. You are coachable and seeking experienced leadership resources and guidance.
  3. 3. You are not a dreamer, but a doer and ready to take decisive action.

    If you meet that initial criteria, then we welcome your application.

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